Freedomplace is a digital publiMakanjuola O.Ication vision given by the inspiration of the Holy spirit to His son MAKANJUOLA OLUKUNLE SIGNET with mandate and commission to establish an electronic platform  to encourages readers to love Christ more and help readers demonstrate their love for the Lord by applying Biblical principles to their lives daily. Each post or write up will features Bible verses with an inspirational message that relates to the reader’s personal life experiences which promotes discipline and spiritual maturity coupled with rugged evangelism.

Committed to thinking critically and living faithfully, freedom place explores what it means to believe and live out the Christian faith in today’s time. Its main focus is to lead readers into a closer and more satisfying walk with God.
freedom place is not just a religious website, but a media brand that documents and promotes innovation, leadership, business, entertainment and lifestyle. freedom place mission is to deliver information on the Kingdom community of faith-based and affluent business decision makers to tabouthe people with the ideas, resources and technologies to change the world.

This platform provides opportunities for the next God’s generals to shine their shine for the kingdom!


Makanjuola O.I

One thought on “FREEDOMPLACE

  1. emmanuel

    It is awesome to have a platform as this where TRUTH can be propagated without boundary. May this be. Sustained by Grace, in Jesus’ name.

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