free“As we look out at the church today, there is so much that encourages us and fills us with gratitude. There is renewed zeal among God’s people for the spread of God’s glory across the earth. Like never before we hear brothers and sisters in different circles and different streams of contemporary Christianity talking about the gospel and mission, about transforming cities and reaching unreached people groups. These conversations are essential, and we hope they will continue with even greater intensity and intentionality in the days ahead.”
When Christians meet, they talk to each other about their Christian work and Christian interests, their Christian acquaintances, the state of the churches, and the problems of theology
That is why this site is borne from the innermost heart of Christ to reach and gathered together the believers for the global reach for the lost and growth for the body of Christ worldwide.
And that’s why we are here.

feel free to share your messages,teachings and events on this platform and be a source of blessing to the whole world.

so welcome to freedom….

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