Text: Luke 2:39-40, 52

What are you doing to maintain balance in your growth. From today’s Bible text, we see that Jesus grew spiritually (waxed strong in spirit), intellectually (increased in wisdom), physically (increased in stature) and his relationship with God and man (in favour with God and man). Some people focus so much on their spiritual life while some others on their physical life that other areas of their life are suffering malnutritionally.

Balance is important. Reading through the pages of the Scripture, it is evident that God wants us to grow in all ways. Don’t feed your body or your spirit man alone, spend time growing yourself intellectually, financially, improve on your relationship (with your heavenly Father, spouse and people around you) and so on. Spend time with God’s word, it is an information bank that can build you in all areas. Also, take time to read other anointed books and avoid junks, they contaminate your spirit.

Reflect: Balance in growth makes your life richer and better.

Great morning!!!