Where are You?

The truth is, MANY pastors/church leaders feel ‘guilty’ about their personal evangelism. Several inherent struggles associated with pastoring/leading include:

The ‘Distractions’ of day to day ‘operations’ related to ministry (administrative duties, expectations of others, etc.). Often these leave us ‘too busy” or feeling overwhelmed… (we can’t even think about, let alone… take on one more thing!!)

We are Easily Isolated from close interaction with non-Christians; relegated to our ‘island of insiders’. This lends to Feeling your own witness is “lacking”.

We Don’t Want to Offend others… we like to be liked too. And have… Mortgages to pay down, bills to pay… we don’t want to drive people away!

Or “evangelism” simply Isn’t Our Passionate ‘hotspot’.

All of these things (and more) can make one feel mildly if not VERY guilty about evangelism and hold you hostage from God’s best for your leadership.

Listen… the devil wants to and WILL take advantage of these feelings of ‘falling short’.

He wants to discourage you…  He’ll make you feel guilty when the subject comes up. He’ll seek to silence you with guilt and hinder you from the influence you can have!! And if he beats you up front, it will make it nearly impossible to preach, teach and disciple your people in the area of evangelism!

Let’s not let the devil win! Don’t think you have to be on the ‘top of our game’ when it comes to evangelism in order to make a huge difference although he would like to convince you otherwise!!
God says even “in our weakness” He wants and will use you to mobilize those you lead. People who are “not ashamed of the Gospel”. People convinced that the Gospel, is “the power of GOD unto salvation”.  You need to help them believe it and nurture that truth!

[2 Tim. 4:5] God instructs church leaders  to “do the work of an evangelist”. Not only does that include:

Your own personal witness  …counseling, weddings, funerals, etc.

It also includes the INFLUENCE you can have in teaching and nurturing the culture of evangelism. For many in your congregation YOU are their only trusted voice when it comes to spiritual things and you may only see them for 1 hour a week (if that). Don’t’ separate “evangelism” and “discipleship”. As a pastor/leader think of discipling your people to have an “evangelistic mindset” for personal evangelism.

And initiate steps to Equip those God has placed in your congregation who foster a passion for evangelism … mobilizing them to help others become devoted followers of Jesus too and influence others in the congregation to do the same.

AS LEADERS, YOUR GREATEST INFLUENCE FOR EVANGELISM will come by fostering and maintaining a CULTURE OF EVANGELISM in your churches discipling them to keep “evangelism” a priority in their lives.

Take Steps in Nurturing a CULTURE OF Evangelism…