Money isn’t Barometer for Success.

When I was younger, I was involved in a small business of by buying and selling I was able to generate a profit and have money in my pocket at the end of every week.

I well remember walking around with feelings of confidence and positive self-worth as a result of the money in my pocket. I felt good about myself.

One time I spent quite a bit of money from my capital. My feelings of confidence and self-worth were damaged as the cash dwindled away. I felt worse about myself. But was I really any different than when I had the money?

As I reflect on that time in my youth, I realize that I had already bought the world’s lie that my worth as a person had something to do with the amount of cash with me. Like so many people, I didn’t know the truth about money.

Money is not my self-worth

If I believe that my self-worth is related to the money I have, then my self-worth will vacillate depending on my income and net worth.  I will tend to feel that I’m of value only if I make a certain amount of income. Such false thinking is totally contrary to what the Scripture says about who we are in Christ and the ultimate source of our income.

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