Love Is More Than All These Things

Yeah! Love is More Than All These Things

You can never win a woman’s heart by buying it. You can buy her all gifts, give her all the money, take her to all best tourist centers, hotels and give her big holidays, etc. But if you have not touched her heart, a wise woman will chose the person who touches her heart over you. This is why so many men cry foul, claiming “she spent all my money and dumped me,” “she is a gold digger.” etc.

Men, touch her heart with your Love and trust me she will fall in Love with you whether you are rich or poor. But that in itself is difficult, considering that it is so hard to even reach a woman’s heart. More so, in this generation that ladies thinks Love is defined by what money does for them, hence why most women end up with broken hearts too, since they thought the men showering them with gifts or a men in high positions or men who lives abroad Loves them more or are capable of Loving them more, only to realize that they are being viewed as prostitutes (street/corporate/home prostitute) to be used and dumped once she is done with or a replacement is been found.

This calls for a “generational thinking” and a critical positive adjustment is needed to be done in the way we see and present L♡VE.

L♡VE has never for once changed from what GOD created it to be. L♡VE is a spirit of GOD and it has been the same since the beginning. Only human change, and they call what is not what is.