Text: Genesis 2:8

“And the Lord God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.”

Among a host of things that determine a man’s fruitfulness, location is core. According to Matt 13:3-8, there was nothing wrong with the seeds but because most of them ended up in the wrong location, their reproductive ability was deterred and they ended up unfruitful.

It is not every negative situation a man experiences that is caused by the devil, many a time, we suffer when we are wrongly positioned. Although, God had appeared and promised Abraham Canaan, for example, but because of the famine that took place, he went down to Egypt where he almost lost his wife if not for God’s intervention (Gen 12:5-17).

Are you currently at your divine location? All of God’s provision for you are tied to your location (1Kg 17:2-6) but when you miss the location, you may end up in lack. Just as a seed needs the right soil to grow, your life as a seed needs the right place to fulfill destiny.

Your life as a seed needs the right place to fulfill destiny.

The exact location where your destiny will find expression and enjoy help, I launch you in there in Jesus’ name.

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