The tongue of the righteous is choice silver. —Proverbs 10:20
There are more than 100 references to the tongue in the book of Proverbs. In that book
alone, I counted twelve verses where the word “heart” is mentioned in connection with
the tongue.
Godly people speak out of the overflow of a godly heart. They are spiritually minded and
don’t just speak about spiritual things on Sundays. They are restrained and think before
they speak. Proverbs describes the tongue of the righteous as choice silver.
So how do people get tongues of righteousness? Well, their hearts are connected to the
Source of wisdom and grace—the One who reveals Himself in Scripture.
I want to be a wise, godly woman, but I don’t always want to pay the price for a heart of
wisdom. It takes discipline and effort to fill our hearts with God’s Word—and to have a
tongue that is choice silver.
“Choice silver”—think about these two words. Silver, of course, is a prized metal. The
tongue of the righteous is excellent, superior, worthy—it is choice silver—it was been
carefully refined and is of the highest possible quality.
A heart that is rooted in the Word and character of God will bring forth words that are
superior quality. Those words will be of great value to those who hear them.
What are some specific ways your words can bless and enrich the lives of those around
you today? What impact have you made in th life of people that surrounds you!

Remember the power of the tongue!


When words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is
prudent. —Proverbs 10:19
After participating in a several-hour meeting some time ago, I sensed that perhaps I had
said more than I should have. I asked one of the men who was in the meeting if I had
talked too much. He said, “Well, perhaps you could have condensed that long story you
I am so thankful to have real friends who will help me know when I’m not walking
wisely, in accordance with the Word of God. God wants our lips to be controlled by the
Holy Spirit. We need His wisdom and grace to measure our words and to speak to others
only after listening to Him.
People who are measured in their words are thought to be wise. Silence Is Golden.

in 2016 talkless and be spiritually sensitive more because your tongue control your world.



“A Dangerous Fire”

So also the tongue is a small member, yet it boasts of great things. How great a forest is set ablaze by such a small fire! And the tongue is a fire. —James 3:5-6

On August 24, 2000, a forty-six-year-old woman tossed a burning match onto the ground when she stopped by the road to light a cigarette. Rather than putting out the burning match, she just glanced at it and left the area.1 Many days later, the fire she had recklessly begun was finally contained. Timber worth more than 40 million dollars was destroyed, and over 80,000 acres were burned.

It’s easy to hear this story and think, How dare she leave a burning match in a dry forest? Yet how often do we throw out our words without thinking about the consequences? We may even walk away after saying words that deeply wound others-not wanting to look at the enormous damage we’ve caused.

Too often I talk without thinking, never considering the one receiving my words. It’s easy to blurt out words when we’re under pressure. Although we may have no intention of hurting others, our words can inflict great damage. Much like a burned forest, the damage can take years to restore.

Make It Personal

Recall a time when the words you said resulted in consequences you didn’t intend. What happened? How can you choose to encourage someone with your words today?

Taken from The Power of Words by Nancy Leigh DeMoss