Money isn’t Barometer for Success.

When I was younger, I was involved in a small business of by buying and selling I was able to generate a profit and have money in my pocket at the end of every week.

I well remember walking around with feelings of confidence and positive self-worth as a result of the money in my pocket. I felt good about myself.

One time I spent quite a bit of money from my capital. My feelings of confidence and self-worth were damaged as the cash dwindled away. I felt worse about myself. But was I really any different than when I had the money?

As I reflect on that time in my youth, I realize that I had already bought the world’s lie that my worth as a person had something to do with the amount of cash with me. Like so many people, I didn’t know the truth about money.

Money is not my self-worth

If I believe that my self-worth is related to the money I have, then my self-worth will vacillate depending on my income and net worth.  I will tend to feel that I’m of value only if I make a certain amount of income. Such false thinking is totally contrary to what the Scripture says about who we are in Christ and the ultimate source of our income.

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Rules are principles or regulations governing conduct, action, procedure, arrangement, etc.
They determine the success of every great venture. So if you are planning to have a great marriage these rules for newlyweds must be your pillars.

1: Never think of divorce: Many people go into marriage by having alternative outside their marriage. I heard the story of a lady that got married and asked her younger sister for the key of her room in her father’s house and the sister ask why? She said if the marriage is difficult she will return to her father’s house, behold she eventually returned divorced few months later

2:  Never go to bed angry: There is no way newlywed couple will not have some challenges but you have to learn to handle it with maturity.

3:  Never shout on your partner: You have become one and learning to honor your partner is what makes your marriage a blissful one.

4: Learn to appreciate your partner: Most newlyweds tend to see the weakness of their partner and magnify it instead of learning the act of appreciation. Whenever your partner puts down the toilet seat. Or does whatever chore he doesn’t enjoy doing, always learn to appreciate him or her.

5:  Don’t divulge your partner’s secrets, thoughts or share their private picture in the public

6:   Listen when talking: This is a sign that you reverence your partner, learn to concentrate and stop face book, reading newspapers or watching television when he or she is talking to you.

7: Learn to place your relationship first after God: Never allow third parties such as in-laws, parents, relations, neighbours, and friends to take the place of your partner in your life.

8: Learn unspoken rules: There will be a time to communicate to your spouse when people are around. Your partner should be able to get your message without others knowing.

Gideon Dosu is a family coach, a qualified marriage counsellor and a graduate from College of Marital Success (CMS); Africa’s Premier Marriage Institute, now a lecturer in the college. He can be reached on


It has being observed,heard and spoken of that marriage comes with responsibilities and commitment on the part of two people of from different background,family and culture  with one purpose coming together as husband and wife.

Please from this pictorial diagram please what can you say about this coming together called M.A.R.R.I.A.G.Eimage